Sen Manga – Great Place to read your Manga Raw

Sen Manga – Great Place to join fan of manga raw Japanese.

Sen Manga - Great Place to read your Manga Raw

Are you learning Japanese? If your answer is YES, do you think Japanese is painfully hard to learn? Have you ever experienced the annoyance of failing to tell the word or kanji that you have just learned shortly before? If you answer YES again, you’d better trying other method of learning vocabulary and kanji. Ones may spend time on watching anime or Japanese movies but this mainly helps you improving listening skill yet quite useless when it comes to kanji. Others may try to read newspaper or books in Japanese but if you don’t have enough vocabularies and good understanding of grammar you get frustrated soon. So, in this case, why don’t you try achieve your goals in learning Japanese through reading raw manga.

However, finding out a good web of raw manga for free reading is another headache as your favorite. I, myself,who are get used to English website like ten manga, almost give up further searching and satisfied with incomprehensible Japanese newspaper I came up with the web called sen manga. Before that, Iused to try to search for free Japanese manga website but unfortunately, my effort comes to nothing. All I can search are those only allow me try several pages of each manga. Above all, this trial reading version is all the same even at different webs.

Truly speaking, senmanga is considerably useful for reading raw manga cause you don’t have to pay any kind of fee or cost yet thousands of updated manga covering all types are available.I started to read manga at senmanga nearly a month and I think that my Japanese vocabularies have increase a lot. There are some words and kanji that I never can remember before now I can use them in writing and speaking whenever I want.

Recently, I have finished reading the manga named Hyouka (ice creams) which I have added it into my manga reading list on senmanga. Although I have watched the anime version of Hyouka but I still get a lot of enjoyment by reading the manga version. I learn a lot from reading Hyouka cause Chitanda, who are one of the 4 main characters is a real young lady, tends to use formal words and quite a mount of kanji in daily conversation. That makes her best friends also use honorific expressions when they talk to her. Their conversations consist of many good things worth studying.Besides, this manga is very interesting. Detective factors are coupled with romance ones make you get curious about what would happen next yet sometimes let you down cause it’s against your expectation of a kiss or just a implicit expression in the feelings Houtarou and Chitanda have for each other.If you happen to have have watched the music video of Hyouka called Yume to Hazakura (dream and cherry tree’s leaf) you surely would become disillusioned at first because actucally, Houtarou and Chitanda are not really a sweet couple as it is depicted in the music video. However, if you continue to read it, you would realize how naive and beautiful the romance of 15-year-old high schoolers are. But, sadly, the hyouka on sen manga is not finished, yet it came to ending in anime version in which Houtarou and Chitanda still don’t have any clear expression to convey their true feelings. being so frustrated by that unexpected ending, I made a comment on sen manga and surprisingly there were many people sharing the same thinking as me.Neverthless, reading manga like hyouka which is formed by interesting plot and literary dialouges can help you practice your reading skill a lot.

I have recommend sen manga to my friends, who are learning Japanese too. After a try, they gave me some reviews as I expected but they also discover some failures of sen manga like going up or down immediately without using mouse is impossible and some chapters of a few manga are written in other languages rather than Japanese. However, they still take my recommend and start to take up sen manga as well.

Yesterday, I came up with a great romantic manga named “Kore wa koi no hanashi” meaning “this is a love story”. Although I just reach the second chapter but it really got me. This manga depicts a troubled romance between a 10-year-old schoolgirl named Morimoto Haruka always living in loneliness and a 31-year old novelist called Utsumi Shinichi having an unhealable wound from boyhood. Shinichi loose his enthusiasm although he is an famous and successful novelist. As for him tomorrow is just another day added to his long boring succession days. Haruka also feels at ease when she is together with Shinichi. They have mutual understanding cause they share almost the same miserable family background. That is the most important factor making them see themselves in one another and gradually they become a irreplaceble part of each other. Haruka being moved by warmth given by Shinichi, and is supported by Utsumi’s best friends makes up her mind to confess her feelings to Shinichi. But, Shinichi, now playing role as Haruka’s guardian in charge of her father, is only surprised at first and then takes her confession as a fugitive thought which would sooner or later change in the future. However, Haruka’s perseverance which is much greater than Shinichi has expected, gradually makes a nearly 40-year-old man can’t never ever put his eyes off her.In addition, the high quality of each page on sen manga couples with the interesting story will make you can stop reading.

While dialogues in Hyouka are kind of literary and appropriate in formal contexts, those in Kore wa koi no hanashi are definitely daily informal ones. Both kinds of dialogue are worth studying in order to make good progess in your learning Japanese.So, I actually have added two serials into my readingmanga list. I think after three months reading raw manga in sen manga everyday you can understand newspaper better than before. Because, learning a foreign language is simply a process of imitating what native speakers do or speak and a procession of practice-every days to make your imitation become a part of you. That’s why you should have a good choice of manga to imitate just like choosing a as good as possible neighborhood for your children best growth and you shouldn’t choose some serials for boys like Naruto manga.