How to Read Manga Online?

Download raw manga and view it on your computer, you must spend many thing.

  • Your time
  • Your money

Your time = Your health, Your money = Your health.

(+) Some hosting, they require you to wait for a long time (over 120 seconds for waiting time and many hours for delay time… Instead of wait for them, you can take a rest or play sport or READ another manga. I did not state about their free download speed…. It is a hurt.

(+) To remove waiting time or delay time, you have to pay for your premium account or premium key. If you are rich man, yep there is no problem with you. If you are students, you cant much money for file sharing service to download also big money for comic book.

Do you want to download or read MANGA online?

How to Read Manga Online?

Download manga will take you much money and time as i stated above. You must reach requirements:

  • Have a good network.
  • Have the free fund.
  • Have much time to wait for your turn.

Those are many adverse things, why you dont try to choose read manga online instead of downloading?

Dont worry, everything is free. I (*Manga Raw & *mFileReader) am a partner of

mFileReader has great features can help you on your above issues:

  1. Our server network is optimized for Asian network.
  2. I am providing free premium account for loading your manga: is available now. I am modifying my source to use Rapidgator, Bigfile & another filesharing.
  3. No waiting time or delay time between 2 volume or chapter.
  4. There is no limitation on your reading.

Now, let ‘s start.

  1. Of course, you must be in my website.
  2. Select your favorite manga, novel, magazine, …
  3. Then, select your favorite or new chapter / volume.
  4. Scroll to download links, there is a [Click2Watch] button. Click now!
  5. Wait a moment, let it process your file.
  6. Play your medias now!

Instructions, available shortcut keyboard:

  • Left arrow: go to previous page.
  • Next arrow: go to next page.
  • Esc: turn off and return to file list.
  • Left click on file name(*): open that page.
  • Scroll up(*): go to previous page.
  • Scroll down(*): go to next page.

(*): those are functions on your mouse. And the rest functions are on keyboard.

If you are lazy mate, please try to watch this short clip.